Please read the following carefully prior to submitting your works.


  • Works submitted must be in one of the following dance idioms: ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, tap, musical theater, or world dance
  • Choreography may be by a faculty member, guest artists, currently enrolled student or may be a Reconstruction*
  • Dancers must be full-time high school students, currently enrolled in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12 at the school submitting the dance(s)
  • Solos may be submitted by student choreographers but only works choreographed for two or more dancers are eligible for the “Outstanding Student Choreography Award”
  • Submitted works must be a final product, (preferably) in costume, and must be danced by those who will be performing at the Festival
  • Substituting dancers without the expressed permission of the committee may result in the entire work being disqualified from performance
  • * Reconstructed works, where the choreographer is no longer living, may be submitted provided you acquire any permission rights
  • Works previously performed at the Festival within the past two years may not be resubmitted by the same school


  • Teacher in charge must verify that any student piece submitted has been choreographed by a student
  • Faculty may critique and provide feedback for improvement to the choreography prior to submission, but the created and rehearsed work must be by the student

Submitted Works

  • Up to five total works may be submitted per school, with a maximum of three faculty or guest works. The remainder may all be student choreographed works
  • Student choreographed work should be 3-6 minutes (maximum) in length
  • Faculty or guest dance works should be 3-12 minutes (maximum) in length
  • Submissions should have no identifying information in the video itself or with the video, only the title of each work
  • All submissions should present a clear and clean recording of the work and should have sound and adequate lighting
  • Submissions with crossfades or cuts will not be accepted


  • An Adjudication Submission must be completed for each submitted works. You can enter up to five total submissions on the form.
  • More than one work per school may be accepted for performance by the committee
  • You must provide a link to your video in the Adjudication Submission. Your video must be accessible online from submission through the Festival. DVDs or electronic submissions via email or Dropbox will not be accepted.
  • The fee is $25 for each work submitted. Payment must be submitted prior to Dec. 7, 2017. No works will be adjudicated without the appropriate fee.