Auditions are open only to students in registered high schools who have registered prior to the Festival and no later than Feb. 1, 2018. Students must be fully registered and paid Festival participants.

What You Should Know

  • The information you provide will be used in determining placement
  • Each student who will participate in scholarship auditions must be capable of executing the criteria listed at an advanced level
  • Festival scholarship auditions will take place on Thursday, March 1, 2018, beginning at 7 a.m.
  • Students will be placed into one of five audition classes between 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Students will participate in classes consisting of ballet and modern techniques, and there may be a brief improvisational element
  • A mandatory warm-up class will begin 45 minutes prior to each audition class, which is 75 minutes in length, during which students will be given warm-up exercises to prepare them for the ballet and modern aspects of the scholarship auditions


  • Appropriate audition attire is required
  • Convertible tights should be worn
  • No warm-ups or sweats are permitted
  • Ballet skirts are not to be worn over tights
  • Ballet slippers are required for the ballet component
  • If you have had at least two years of point at an advanced level and feel comfortable wearing pointe shoes for the entire ballet portion, you are strongly encouraged to do so

Ballet Components and Criteria

  • Students should wear pointe shoes if they dance en pointe
  • There will be no barre component to the auditions
  • The combination will include the following and will be the same for all auditioning:
    • Adagio – includes extensions moving in and through body positions, port de bras and épaulement
    • Multiple tours and balances on relevé
    • Petite Allegro including batterie
    • Grand Allegro

Modern Components and Criteria

  • The combination will include the following and will be the same for all auditioning:
    • Spine work: Contractions, spinal succession, and tilts
    • Floor work: rolling to, from, and on the floor
    • Tilts, spirals, recovery, fall, and rebound
    • Combinations with big directional changes, turns, jumps, and floor work
    • Structured improvisational exercise
  • It is anticipated that there will be a brief improvisational segment at the end of each audition class